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Brand Strategy

What Your Brand Can Do For You

Your brand is the promise between your customers and you, everything you are, and all you want to be. Your brand conveys what you and your company stand for, motivates customers and confirms credibility. And if implemented correctly, it connects emotionally with the people it reaches. Your sales team is included too because a strong branding foundation allows them to feel confident in what they represent. That natural confidence builds trust among your potential customers and lets them see your company as the only real choice.


General Genius will help you explore who you are as a business and discover how your brand can successfully convey the above.

Our Brand Consulting Expertise

When it comes to marketing, your company brand is everything. Your company brand is your relationship it has with your customers and is one of the very few things that a company can own forever. A great brand resonates with customers and inspires loyalty without noticeable effort, while a weak brand can hamstring even a great company. But what makes a brand great? We believe the strongest and most enduring brands are crafted from the disciplined alignment of brand strategies and customer-focused plans. 

At General Genius, we offer a hands-on, one-of-a-kind experience to build a better brand. Our mission is to provide a winning strategy tailored to meet your marketing needs. We devote ourselves to forging a genuine partnership in building brand success and assessing business-specific problems side-by-side with you.

How We Create Brand Excellence

Our approach to brand strategy consultation involves the combination of qualitative and quantitative brand research techniques with case studies and brand strategy expertise to help clients create distinctive brands. We focus on six prime areas:

  • Brand Positioning – Brand positioning defines the conceptual space the brand should play in relative to competitors and is fundamental to marketing, communication and messaging development.
  • Brand Architecture – Brand architecture is the logical and strategic organisational structure of all brands in the portfolio. It is one of the best ways to obtain brand clarity and maximise Return On Investment.
  • Brand Extension – Brand Extension involves stretching the brand into new categories to stimulate growth. Successful implementation of brand extension improves brand equity while lowering business development costs.
  • Brand Naming – A strong brand name helps your company or product stand out in today’s crowded media environment. Strong brand names result by blending strategy and creativity.
  • Brand Identity – Brand identity development involves bringing the brand to life and then delivering the brand experience at all touchpoints.
  • Brand Research – Brand research provides the foundation for improving and evolving brand image. We employ several brand-related tools and techniques for building strong brands.

Customers today are more savvy, sceptical and demanding than ever. They welcome brands that speak their language, share their values, live up to their standards, and connect in authentic ways. If meeting these criteria poses a business challenge for your company, then you should get more info!

How We Can Help

  1. We show the world who you really are and align the messages you are sending with your goals.
  2. We align your branding elements, so they send the right signals across all touchpoints.
  3. We ease the process of brand change or evolution, so it is not confusing to your stakeholders.

What You Will Get

  • Competitive research & market positioning
  • Brand architecture map
  • Brand positioning framework
  • Brand vision & promise
  • Brand personality, tone and voice
  • Brand visual language & logo
  • Brand messaging and headline examples by persona
  • Branding materials such as explanation videos and print material designs

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